• Education
  • University of Georgia, Class of 2020
  • BS+MA Mathematics, BS Computer Science

I grew up in Minnesota near St. Paul. My family had been in the area for generations, but I left to study math and computer science at the University of Georgia. I lived in lots of interesting places in college, including Budapest, New York City, and Oxford. Now I’m a PhD student at Stanford.


I worked at Epic as a software developer on the central data science team. I was the lead developer for an infrastructure project to enable scalable system build analysis and automated recommendation generation for customers who wanted to improve the configuration of their installation of Epic.

I wrote my master’s thesis on convolutional neural networks for demosaicing. I built networks that exploited the internal redundancy across films / bursts of images to improve reconstruction quality. The thesis is available for download here.

In college I interned at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York for a summer, where I worked with Dr. Michael Lee on mapping out systemic vulnerabilities in the Fedwire bank settlement network. This work made it into a Fed report.

I spent a summer researching valuation models for options on volatility indexes with Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s financial mathematics REU.

Last updated: Jun 2021