Finite Poisson approximation

Events that are "not too dependent" and occur "not too often" behave like the Poisson distribution.

Monte Fischer — 16 Dec 2021

A semester of probability with Persi Diaconis

A distillation of recommendations from a semester of probability theory with Persi Diaconis

Monte Fischer — 10 Dec 2021

Practical Attention Conservation

No-nonsense tools for conserving attention, managing time, and getting real work done.

Monte Fischer — 10 Aug 2021

Max Weber and the Spirit of Capitalism

You've heard of the Protestant work ethic before, but why is it an interesting idea? Here I break down the concept using Max Weber's original text, The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism.

Monte Fischer — 10 Apr 2021

The QWERTY-Dvorak Permutation

Using group theory to investigate a silly question about keyboard layouts / asking a silly question about keyboard layouts to learn some group theory.

Monte Fischer — 21 Mar 2021

Nassim Taleb's probability theory library

A collection of Nassim Taleb's recommended texts for probability theory.

Monte Fischer — 29 Mar 2020

Using TensorBoard with a Google Cloud Platform Instance

A short technical note on setting up TensorBoard for a Google Cloud Platform instance.

Monte Fischer — 20 Feb 2020

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